Industrial Gears & Gear Boxes

we manufacture & supply various types of rolling mill duty gear boxes like reduction gear box, pinion gear box, Speed increaser etc.

Reduction Cum Pinion
Speed Increaser Gear Box

Technical Features

Input Load up to 2500 KW (Torque)
Peak Load up to 10000 KW
Ratio As per mill requirement
Sizes 6" to 26" i.e from 150 to 660MM PCD (as per requirement of mill)
Stages Single/Double/Multiple
Gears Forged EN-Series Material with Single/Double helical
Bearings Imported antifriction Spherical roller bearing
Shaft Forged EN-Series
Lubrication Internal pipes connected with central oil lubrication system with double oil seals

Special Features of our gear boxes

Sturdy design suitable to bear overloads.
Complete structure of our gear box is MIG Welded, Stress Relieved & fully aligned.
All gears are ultrasonic tested.