Gear Couplings

We are a prominent manufacturer of Gear Coupling that is renowned for its efficient performance and developed with the help of effective technology. Gear Couplings are generally used for couple one Shaft to another Shaft for transmitting power and torque between both the shafts. Our gear couplings are manufactured using tough quality controls, we used best quality raw materials capable of transmitting high torque at very high speeds and accessible in different sizes.

Our Gear Coupling Features:

Gear coupling sizes 101 No. to 120 No.
We also manufacture custom sizes
Our Gear couplings are capable of handling increased radial and axial misalignment capacity.
Rated speed
Rated torque
Offers high torque capacity
Properly heat treated teeth
Capable of taking jerk load
Designed to fit a given space.
Can be customized as per the client's requirements.
Precisely checked pitches.
High Tensile fixing bolts