Automatic Rack Type Cooling Bed

Cooling bed naturally cool the materials as well as cross transfer towards the discharge end. Bentex cooling beds are fabricated following international industry standards. Sturdily constructed these cooling beds are appreciated globally for their optimum performance& simple operation.

We manufacture following types of cooling bed:

» Manual cooling bed
» Automatic Rack type cooling bed
» Simple rope skid/chain skid type cooling bed

Manual cooling bed: Manual handled cooling bed comes with W channel, Stationery platform & conveyor.

Automatic rack type cooling bed: provide uniform air-cooling to the bars & profiles and transport these in phased manner from entry to discharge side. These type of cooling bed are provided with twin channel bar delivery systems

Special Features

Automatic cooling beds (rack type]up to 70mtr.)
Designed & Developed as per plant's requirement
Transporting finished product in phased manner from entry of cooling bed to the discharge side