Oil Lubrication System

We are a prominent manufacturer of Oil Lubrication System that is renowned for its efficient performance. developed with the help of effective technology.
Oil Lubrication System is generally used for control temperature & Texture of Gears & Bearing of Industrial Reduction Gear Box, Pinion Gear Box Etc. . These are used for prolonged the life of machine.

Our Oil Lubrication systems are basically designed as Simplex/Duplex type System(As per requirement of Industrial Machinery) which consists with a Settling Tank, Gear Oil Pump, Oil Filter, Oil Cooler, necessary Pipes, Pipe line Fittings, Oil Flow Control Valves & Instrumentations.

  • Settling Tank:
  • Body : M.S. Prime Plate Fabricated
  • Welding : Fabrication welded by MIG Welding dully grinded & machined.
  • Stress Relieve : Body of Settling Tank duly stress relieved
  • Type of Settling Tank : Small/Medium/Large
  • The Small/ Medium size systems designed as all the equipment & instruments are mounted on the tank.
  • The Large Size systems are designed as all Tanks are provided separately & skid Mounted System mounted on a common base frame.
  • Capacity : 50 L.P.M. to 300 L.P.M.
  • Pipeline : Leak Proof dully designed for entire system
  • Lubrication : Internal pipes connected with central oil lubrication System
  • Gear Oil Pump:
  • Type of Gear Oil Pump: Helical Geared Compact Size
  • Capacity : 50 L.P.M. to 300 L.P.M.
  • Sizes : 1/2" to 5" B.S.P.
  • Gears : Helical Gear
  • Bearings of Pump : Imported Needle/ Ball/ Self Lubricates Bush Bearing
  • Lubrication : Internal pipes connected with central oil lubrication System.
  • Oil Filters
  • Type of Oil Filters : Simplex & Duplex
  • Capacity : 50 L.P.M. to 300 L.P.M.
  • Type of Valves : 3 way Plug Valves/ Ball valves/ Gale Valves.
  • Oil Cooler
  • Type of Oil Cooler : Shell/ Tube type along with Fix/removable Facility
  • Design : As per Industry Requirement
  • Oil Flow Control Valve:
  • Type : One/ Two/ Multiple Way
  • Design : As per Industry Requirement
  • Float : With/Without Indication Float
  • Switch & Gauge : With/Without Pressure Switch & Pressure Gauge
  • Advantages of Bentex's Oil Lubrication System:
  • Elimination of missed & inaccessible bearing.
  • Prolonged life of Machinery.
  • Maximum reliability-Minimum downtime.
  • A wide range of designed to suit different applications

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