We are a prominent manufacturer of Ejector that is renowned for its efficient performance. developed with the help of effective technology. Oil Lubrication System is generally used for control temperature & Texture of Gears & Bearing of Industrial Reduction Gear Box, Pinion Gear Box Etc. . These are used for prolonged the life of machine.

Our Oil Lubrication systems are basically designed as Simplex/Duplex type System(As per requirement of Industrial Machinery) which consists with a Settling Tank, Gear Oil Pump, Oil Filter, Oil Cooler, necessary Pipes, Pipe line Fittings, Oil Flow Control Valves & Instrumentations.

  • Material: Mild Steel, Graded Cast Iron, Forged Steel.
  • Bearing: Spherical Roller Bearing mounted above the in a dustproof Bearing Chock fitted in Housing
  • Rolls & Shaft : EN-Series Forged Steel
  • Gear : Worm Gears
  • Lubrication: Oil & Grease
  • Bush : Bronze Metal
  • Nut-Bolt Etc : Tensile Steel
  • Exceptional Design
  • Excellent results
  • Efficient production capacity
  • Unique style and pattern
  • Offered at affordable rates
  • Less Mentainance

Application Used for pushing the material (Billet/Ingot) From the reheating furnace to Mill


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